Common Name: Origin: Burma, India, Malaysia Height: Up to 10’ Light: Filtered Water: Keep moist. { I can grow between 5-6 feet tall and wide and will add beautiful full, green look to … The Ruffled Fan Palm is a slow growing palm and takes years to develop a solid trunk for its beautiful ruffled leaves. window.mc4wp.listeners.push( It demands shade and protection, especially from wind, which will tear up its bright shiny large pleated fronds –, Available size: 3 – 4 feet, comes with a plain black planter. ‘sumawongii’) is a fantastic palm species native to Malaysia and Thailand.Highly desirable species as a feature plant, especially in shaded areas. callback: cb The Licuala grandis is a truly out of the ordinary palm.It's beauty is deraigned from it's magnificient fan-like fronds, which dominate the palm at it's early age. Licuala elegans. It has a single trunk of medium height and impressive undivided circular leaves. })(); We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. The full crown of leaves is very disctinctive. The Elegant Fan Palm (Licuala peltata var. FernMossDecor. //--> Licuala grandis Kuching.jpg (115.64 KiB) Viewed 274 times. Exotic and very much wanter shade loving palm with beautiful large round leaves. listeners: [], Family: Arecaceae / Palmae Ruffled Fan palm Origin: SE Asia, Pacific. It is sensitive to cold and requires lots of moisture, a filtered light location and regular fertilization. This species is surprisingly cold hardy for such a tropical plant, and usually handles Brisbane’s winter without issue. Please leave your valid email address below. The Licuala Grandis is an attractive tropical understory palm that has become papules as both a house plant and landscape ornamental in warmer regions. Licuala grandis is a gorgeous small palm that can be grown indoors in containers. The unique form of its round pleated fronds makes it a stand out plant in any environment. Licuala grandis is grown both as an outdoor plant in tropical climates and as an indoor plant in cooler areas. 232 Street, Miami, Florida 33170. This is a single trunked palm with large dark green undivided leaves that appear pleated giving it the common name “the ruffled fan palm”. } I have a large flat yellow green fan-like leaves. We are dedicated in making plants accessible to you by hand-picking individual plants that would complement your space. Exposition Requires shade when young. We will deliver them at your doorstep and provide care guides specific to your chosen plants’ needs - allowing them not only to survive but also to flourish.